Hey, Can We STIG This?

Don't let these five words strike dread into your heart!

Someone Shows Up

We've all been there. Ready to go home for the day, one foot already out the door - when suddenly, the Big Boss comes by to ask the dreaded question.

"Hey, can we STIG this?"

Whether it's a system you're operating, or an application you're developing, this question late in the game always tends to throw everyone's schedule for a loop. Sure, there are some teams that STIG their systems from day one, and test their software regularly... But is that yours?

If not, never fear: You can test your application in a STIG'ed environment today!

Problem? What Problem?


If you're on AWS, go to the AWS Marketplace and search "Nemu" and you'll have a number of operating systems to choose from - Just pick one, deploy your app, and you're up and testing!

At Home

If not, our software can harden your existing servers before you're even done with your cup of coffee! (Contact Sales if you need this today; it'll be available to you self-serve soon.)

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What Next?

If you encounter problems running your app under a STIG hardened server, open a ticket in our Help Center and we'll be there to help. We've got decades of experience at this, and are always happy to help make your life easier if we can!