Celebrating Six Months of Saving Time
or: How we learned to give your team wings!

Sheridan, WY — 4 June 2019

It's been 6 months since we first launched our AMI product suite to the Amazon AWS Marketplace, and reaction from our customers has been astounding! Every week we hear stories from a new team that was informed that their cloud project required terrestrial compliance, and didn't know what to do. And every week, they tell us, our AMIs help them get compliant immediately.

And we've heard your requests for improvements, too!  Our recently released 2019Q2 image is now compliant with every single STIG control (that won't kill your access to your EC2 instance), and our FAQ provides some instructions on closing the gap - should your management team require that.

If you're thinking about deploying a government system to the cloud, why harden it yourself?

We'll take all the work out of it for you - So you can do something you'd enjoy much more!

Thanks to the dozens of you out there who have subscribed to our services and trust us to make your systems secure. We look forward to building bigger and better things for you in the years to come!

    The Nému Team

PS: We're still working out kinks in our Windows AMIs and hope to have those out later in the summer. But we will have a new system to add to the mix in the meantime, so please do stay tuned!

PPS: If anyone is interested in beta testing our on-premise systems remediation toolkit, please contact [email protected] immediately. We're looking for good help, and can offer you a sweet, sweet discount to make it worth your while. Just in time for you to order another set of Frigates!


Nému Corporation builds innovative products and solutions that take all the work out of securing your enterprise systems. Whether you are using our Hardened Amazon AMIs to secure your Amazon cloud workloads, or you want to harden your on-premises systems with our Nému Hardened Computing platform (coming soon), your engineers can spend less time thinking about your security posture, and more time thinking about your mission.

Find out more at nemu.us.

Launching into the Cloud
Or: How to protect your workloads without even trying!