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Summer's not over yet, don't spend it all reading IAVAs.

Sheridan, WY — 21 July 2019

Are you one of those teams that's stuck trying to keep your web application servers up to date with the latest Java and Tomcat IAVAs? Or worse, is it deers-in-the-headlights time when you ask whether your Tomcat instances meet the NIST recommendations on SSL security or not?  How many POA&Ms do you have for the rickety old Tomcat servers you have running under your developer's desk that just never seem to get replaced?

We've all had systems like that. Isn't it such a pain?

Thankfully, we have good news: our Nému Hardened Tomcat products are coming soon to Amazon AWS Marketplace. (And better news: It's available today through our Shop.)

With Nému Hardened Tomcat, you get a fully configured Tomcat 8 or 9 instance, updated with the latest patches and hardened with all of those math formulas that make NIST happy, without needing to spend weeks trying to figure out all of the right settings.

Which is not what you wanted to be doing with your summer, anyway—right?

And because it's powered by our Nému Hardened Computing client software, the best news is that we can provide you a fully configured Tomcat deployment, even if your system lives in the darkest of SCIFs, so don't limit your imagination to the cloud!

We figured you would need a break from all of the summer compliance headaches.

So now's a great time to party.

Disclaimer: We don't condone anything that happens at the party. IAVA: Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert. NIST: National Institute of Science and Technology. They're great at math! STIG: Security Technical Implemenation Guidelines. DOD: Department of Defense. And impressive fireworks! AMIs: Amazon Machine Images. And Nému means Cloud!


Nému Corporation builds innovative products and solutions that take all the work out of securing your enterprise systems. Whether you are using our Hardened Amazon AMIs to secure your Amazon cloud workloads, or you want to harden your on-premises systems with our Nému Hardened Computing platform, your engineers can spend less time thinking about your security posture, and more time thinking about your mission.

Find out more at nemu.us.

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